You can download now the Extended Base Pack for Windows and save yourself time, or
install the Standard Base Pack and add the additional titles one by one

Free Bible apps

The Online Bible is a free Bible app for off-line use.

The NEW apps are available for Android, iOS and macOS and there is still the Windows software.

The supported languages are: English, German, French and Dutch

For the Android, iOS and macOS apps visit

For the Windows software visit

You can obtain the free Online Bible Base Pack for Windows through or save yourself time and energy by downloading and installing the Extended Base Pack for Windows.

Online Bible Europe

This website is the old home of Online Bible Europe. From 1992 till 2015 Online Bible Europe was operated by Importantia Publishing. In 2015 all Online Bible activities were handed over to Cross Link Services with a focus on the continuation of the Online Bible through apps. So far apps for Android, iOS and macOS are released. Visit the Cross Link Services website

Importantia Publishing fully concentrates on the development of biblical content in four languages: English, Dutch, French and German.