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  • Find any scripture passage quickly
  • 650,000 cross references that automatically
  • Quickly locate a word or phrase in any reference work

Free Basic Program Package

This Basic pack is completely free and fully functional will not expire no nagware or spyware. Available in several languages and with in-depth study content. Available for:
  • Windows-based desktop (useful as standalone and as update)
  • iOS-app (iPad & iPhone). More info
  • Android-app. More info
The Basic Packs for Windows, iOS and Android are available in several languages. With Android and iOS the language of your device os is selected automatically. If not available it chooses English.

For Windows we have special Base Packs in 4 different languages:

Free downloadlibrary for Windows

Download Library with Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries and biblestudy books - all free to download.
To be used as an addition to the Free Basic Program package for Windows. Can also be transfered to the Android app if you have activited the Online Bible PC Advanced legacy users option.

Free Basic Program Package for iOS and Android

This Basic pack for iOS and Android is free - will not expire - no nagware or spyware.
  • Standard Base Pack includes many titles ready for use
  • Free updates of the software to give you more possibilities
  • Can be expanded with a growing list of titles
More info ...

Online Bible DVD-rom for Windows, iMac and Linux

This DVD-rom contains all free titles and many extra titles.
Operating system required: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8; OS X or Linux

Select your language for more information:

Online Bible Europe

This website is an initiative of Stichting Online Bible Europe. Stichting Online Bible Europe does not offer paid products. The costs for this website and the free downloads need to be covered by donations and advertisements.

Online Bible for iOS and Android
The Online Bible is now available for iOS and Android.