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The Amplified Bible is a bible revision based on the American Standard Version of 1901. It is designed to "amplify" the text by using a system of synonyms, punctuation, typographical features, and clarifying words or phrases to reveal shades of meaning of the key words in the original text.

The aim of the Amplified Bible was that it be true to the original languages, be grammatically correct, be understandable to the masses, and give the Lord Jesus Christ His proper place which the Word gives Him. It is not an attempt to duplicate what has already been achieved but to progress beyond the point where others have stopped.

The translators were a committee of qualified Hebrew and Greek scholars.

The Amplified New Testament was published in 1958; the Amplified Old Testament, Part 1 (Genesis to Esther), in 1964; and the Amplified Old Testament, Part 2 (Job to Malachi), in 1962. The first complete edition was published in 1965.

We are pleased to announce that the Amplified Bible now is available in Online Bible format. You can order and download the Amplified Bible for the Online Bible from this website.

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