Online Bible Starters Pack Installation
Easy Setup
  1. Reboot your computer. Then start installation by double clicking on the downloaded Online Bible program. Follow screen instructions. The program unzips into "C:\Online Bible Setup" and installation begins.
  2. Double click on the new Bible icon and follow screen instructions. Click "OK", "All Done" or "Continue" on all screens.

Note: Windows 95 needs to install the following help update in order for the Online Help system to work properly.

Expanding your Online Bible Starters Pack
  1. You can install more Bibles and modules, by downloading them individually from the library and unzipping them by double clicking on the downloaded file. Always use the same 'unzip to' directory such as the default "C:\Online Bible Setup".
  2. Buying the Online Bible DeLuxe CD-ROM saves you from downloading and installing all the individual files. The Online Bible DeLuxe CD ROM contains everything ready to run and includes hundreds of extra titles.
God Bless your study of His Word!